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About Me

Hampshire Home Learning is owned and operated by Anne Ross.

Anne has dedicated her life to educating and caring for children with additional needs. Starting out as a graduate of Music with Social Sciences (Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy) she soon took up her PGCE at Exeter University. From here Anne returned to the Portsmouth area just at the time her beloved Football team hit the Premiership!

Focussing on her career Anne soon found her passion for working with vulnerable pupils with a variety of SEND needs and trained as a Dyslexia Specialist Teacher. From here she discovered the Every Child a Counter movement and used her dyslexia knowledge to develop a love for all things maths and Dyscalculia. After all, music is a mixture of maths and language!

Then came the opportunity for a place as a SENCo and used her knowledge to support pupils and their families across a variety of Hampshire schools.

In 2014 Anne branched away from the classroom and founded Hampshire Home Learning. At the same time Anne and her husband embarked on the journey of a lifetime training to become Adopters. This resulted in them becoming parents of her three wonderful children in 2016. Anne says this experience has been the biggest learning curve of her life and one she wouldn't change for the world.

In 2017 Anne joined the staff at Mayville High School as a Specialist Dyslexia and Dyscalculia teacher in their unit, all whilst keeping Hampshire Home Learning running in the local area. Anne's reputation for being a caring, thoughtful and high quality tutor kept her in demand both at school and at home whilst always prioritising her new family.

Anne was offered the chance to become the school's SENCo and whilst managing the Dyslexia department she also introduced the Autism Unit to Mayville High School.

Although proud of what she achieved Anne knew her family needed her at home and so has returned to the increasing requests for specialist teaching and Dyslexia/Dyscalculia screening in Hampshire. In her time as a SENCo Anne found reward from supporting families to write and fight for the Education Health and Care Plans (EHCP's) including for her own daughter.

SEND for Anne, is not just a job, it is a lifetime's work as she continues to support families using the 20 plus years of experience and studies. Anne always seeks to increase her knowledge of Neurodiversity alongside improving her knowledge and understanding of Trauma Informed Care and teaching. Anne is currently working towards her Dyscalculia Assessor Level 7 qualification hoping to bring full diagnostic assessments to her catalogue of services offered to children and adults alike in the future. Anne is forever a lifelong learner!